Checklist Topps Camino hacia Star Wars: El ascenso de Skywalker

La nueva colección de Topps Camino hacia Star Wars: El ascenso de Skywalker consta de 174 cartas. De ellas, 110 forman el denominado set base,  el resto se reparten entre los 5 sub sets que tiene la colección, también llamados inserts, y las 6 cartas limitadas (LE) exclusivas de la versión europea.


Cartas Base /Paralelas Verde/Plata [110]

1 The Jedi Negotiations
2 The Queen’s Futile Efforts
3 Faith in the Force
4 To Be a Jedi
5 The Rescue Attempt
6 Rescue From Above
7 Forbidden Union
8 Padmé’s Big News
9 Nearing the War’s End
10 Birth of the Twins
11 The Princess of Alderaan
12 A Home on Tatooine
13 Princess Leia’s Message
14 Luke Skywalker’s Ambitions
15 Dream of a Better Life
16 Diverting to Dantooine
17 Escaping the Death Star
18 Battle Against the Empire
19 Through the Freezing Night
20 Escaping the Ice World
21 Seeking the Jedi Master
22 Refuge on Bespin
23 Luke Skywalker’s Hasty Departure
24 Rescuing Han Solo
25 Tremor in the Force
26 Searching For Solo
27 Han Solo’s Icy Prison
28 Luke Skywalker Joins the Mission
29 The Hunt for Princess Leia
30 Luke Skywalker’s Revelation
31 The Good in Vader
32 The Galaxy Reborn
33 Searching for Luke Skywalker
34 Rey Waiting for her Parents
35 Han and Leia Reunited
36 Mission to Rescue Rey
37 The Future of the Resistance
38 Running from the First Order
39 Looking to Save Kylo Ren
40 Destination: Crait
41 Never Lose Faith
42 Allies of the Force
43 The Queen’s Request
44 Anakin’s Hasty Attack
45 Replaying Anakin’s Fall
46 Back on the Homestead
47 Struck by the Remote
48 Luke Skywalker’s Green Guide
49 Losing the X-wing
50 The Dark Cave
51 Falling to Fear
52 The Judgement of Kylo Ren
53 Leaving Without Luke
54 Kylo Ren’s New Destiny
55 Attack on Tatooine
56 Duel of the Fates
57 Qui-Gon Jinn’s Fate
58 Obi-Wan against Count Dooku
59 Anakin Skywalker Steps Up
60 Yoda’s Stunning Assault
61 Darth Tyranus Returns
62 Dooku’s Demise
63 Chancellor Palpatine’s Revelation
64 Arrest Gone Wrong
65 Anakin’s Dark Turn
66 Yoda and the Emperor
67 Unleashed on Mustafar
68 Last Duel on the Death Star
69 Turning the Son of Skywalker
70 Luke Skywalker’s Training
71 A Rushed Confrontation
72 Darth Vader’s True Past
73 The Emperor’s Ploy
74 Facing the Darkness
75 Luke Skywalker’s Reluctant Fight
76 Last-Moment Rescue
77 Back into the Light
78 Kylo Ren’s Shocking Failure
79 Rey Awakened
80 Kylo Ren’s Powerful Opponent
81 Lessons For Rey
82 Bound Through the Force
83 The Darkness in Kylo Ren
84 Reflections in the Force
85 Luke Skywalker Comes Clean
86 A Date with Supreme Leader Snoke
87 United Against the Praetorian Guards
88 Luke Skywalker Returns
89 The Great Ruse of Luke Skywalker
90 Rey and the Force
91 Back to the Desert
92 Rey at the Ready
93 Focused and Fearless
94 Kylo Ren’s Assault
95 Kylo Ren’s Helmet, Reconstructed
96 Lando Calrissian Returns
97 The Falcon at Lightspeed
98 Dodging the Assault
99 The Resistance Assembled
100 Overlooking the Wasteland
101 The Desert Population
102 Snap Wexley and Klaud
103 Kylo Ren in the Cockpit
104 Rey with Rose Tico
105 Poe Dameron Readies Up
106 Rey In the Jungle
107 Finn: Resistance Fighter
108 A New Face
109 Friend of the Resistance
110 Outside the Millennium Falcon

Cartas Pegatina Personajes [19]

CS-1 Rey
CS-2 Finn
CS-3 Poe Dameron
CS-4 Lando Calrissian
CS-5 Chewbacca
CS-6 Zorii
CS-7 Jannah
CS-8 C-3PO
CS-9 R2-D2
CS-10 BB-8
CS-11 D-O
CS-12 Kylo Ren
CS-13 Sith Trooper
CS-14 First Order Stormtrooper
CS-15 Knight of Ren
CS-16 Knight of Ren
CS-17 Knight of Ren
CS-18 Knight of Ren
CS-19 Lieutenant Connix

Cartas Brillantes Personajes [8]

FC-1 Rey
FC-2 Kylo Ren
FC-3 R2-D2
FC-4 Chewbacca
FC-5 BB-8
FC-6 Sith Trooper
FC-7 First Order Stormtrooper
FC-8 First Order Stormtrooper

Cartas Dibujo Personajes [16]

IC-1 Kylo Ren
IC-2 Sith Trooper
IC-3 First Order Stormtrooper
IC-4 Sith Jetpack Trooper
IC-5 First Order Snowtrooper
IC-6 Rey
IC-7 Finn
IC-8 Poe Dameron
IC-9 Jannah
IC-10 Zorii
IC-11 Klaud
IC-12 BB-8
IC-13 D-O
IC-14 R2-D2
IC-15 C-3PO
IC-16 Chewbacca

Cartas Continuidad Kylo Ren [5]

1 de 15 Kylo Ren
2 de 15 Kylo Ren
3 de 15 Kylo Ren
4 de 15 Kylo Ren
5 de 15 Kylo Ren

Cartas Esquemas/Planos [10]

S-1 Kylo Ren’s Helmet
S-2 New Imperial TIE Fighter
S-3 First Order Stormtroopers
S-4 X-Wing Starfighter
S-5 C-3PO
S-6 BB-8
S-7 R2-D2
S-8 D-O
S-9 Y-Wing Starfighter
S-10 Millennium Falcon

Cartas Limitadas [6]

Poe Dameron (Pack inicio)
Finn (Multipack)
BB-8 (Exclusiva de Topps)
Kylo Ren (Multipack)
Rey (Multipack)
Chewbacca (Exclusiva de Topps)



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